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Released: March 5, 2021
Director: Elizabeth Lo
Producer: Elizabeth Lo, Shane Boris
Studio: Mongrel Media
Genre: Documentary
Length: 72 minutes

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Stray Overview

Although Turkey has policies that protect the lives of stray dogs, it does not make their lives any easier. Stray brings us into the world of Zeytin, a stray dog living life on the streets of Istanbul as well as other stray dogs living in Istanbul, Kartal, Zyetin, and Nazar.

We are shown the life of a stray in the city in their eyes, how they interact with its people, and how they live day-to-day. Seeing moments of intimacy and companionship among the strays, we are also shown the sad reality of the cruelty they receive from humans every day.

The camera focuses not just on Zeytin and her ragtag bunch of fellow strays; we are also introduced to the revealing parallels of the young Syrian refugees that inhabit the same streets as these dogs.


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